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In some situations, he is dependent on the result of the activities of other people (laboratory assistants, nurses, doctors of other specialties, etc.).

Doctors do not always work in comfortable conditions within their office: home visits are possible, etc. Doctors have a strong psychophysiological load at work, which is due to: increased responsibility; constant emotional stress associated with communication with different patients; physical activity (work for a long time in an uncomfortable position); irregular schedule (night shifts, emergency calls); the danger of a medical error, harm to one's own health (infection from an infected patient).

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Medicine as a science does not lose its relevance: people will always fight for their lives and health. Therefore, professionals who are able to provide medical care will be in demand. The doctor is responsible for the life and health of the patient, for the preservation of medical secrecy (the moral side of the issue).

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The doctor should be able to explain as simply as possible to the patient what he is sick with. In some situations, specialists are faced with unscrupulous patients or those with physical disabilities.

An applicant for admission to ivermectin of Medicine requires knowledge of biology, chemistry

Additionally, knowledge of physics, basics of life safety, health care is required. You can get the specialty of a doctor by studying at medical institutions of higher education. The professional activity of a doctor implies the presence of the following skills and abilities: knowledge of medicine; knowledge of various methods of treatment; ivermectin to diagnose based on symptoms; the ability to provide first aid in an emergency, etc.

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A specialist doctor must have the following individual characteristics

Roy Berenholtz

developed analytical and logical thinking; good long-term memory (visual, auditory, olfactory, sensory)

Jonathan N. Lazare

neuropsychic stability

physical endurance

Stephanie Chanlatte

the ability to calculate your strength (dosage of efforts with indirect heart massage, etc.)

Inna Yushuvayeva

high coordination of the fingers

Diyang Zhong

stress tolerance

high self-organization

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Over the years of practice, the doctor gains experience in conducting conversations with different types of interlocutors. Regardless of the patient's intelligence level, the doctor needs to understand what the patient is complaining about in order to correctly present the picture of the disease. This is also necessary because many patients are constrained and reluctant to talk about their problems, wanting to get an appointment and end the conversation as soon as possible.

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This profession implies the presence of several directions: pediatrics, therapeutic activity (a specialist who examines a patient and prescribes treatment himself or refers to another doctor); surgical activity (a specialist whose duty is to carry out operations); pathological activity (the task of the pathologist: autopsy in order to find out the cause of death); psychological activity (work with mental disorders, etc.).

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Good doctors are always in demand. Career growth is tantamount to improving professional competence. Experts with extensive experience strive to open their own clinical centers to provide medical services to citizens..

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A doctor can find work in a public health facility or in a private clinic.

Specialists engaged in research activities are in demand in scientific centers and institutes. The medical profession is taught in medical colleges and institutes. This requires a lot of preparation.

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